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MoonX is a financial-institution grade cloud based Blockchain Assets Wallet. It's user-friendly interface, superior mathematically security, AI & ML enabled checkpoints gives organizations military grade security and user-friendly experience at all levels. 

We Are Providing An Invaluable Solution

  • Financial Institution-grade secured mobile wallet and desktop wallet
  • AI enabled Biometric integrated authentication to level-up the security
  • Allows easy transfer of blockchain assets with digital transformation such as QR code
  • Tracking transactions on the blockchain
  • No Fee Usage
  • Built in calculator
  • Compatible with any blockchain and easy integration of API
  • Best navigation & transaction experience across devices
  • We speak 10 languages and available 24x7


Why Choose MoonX Wallet service?

With new types of blockchain assets in the market, it is paramount that wallet is built to fight various types of cyber attacks, and at the same time advance in the user-experiences such as Ai-based security features, custom spending rules etc. MoonX Wallet is designed to advance business to next level with unmatched features delivering superior experience to both businesses and end-users

Protection from Malicious Extensions

Fully Auditable and Verifiable

Lightning Network Friendly

Hardened Security Protocols

Easy Integration for DeFi

Compatible with any Wallet Type and Custodial Service

Simple and User-friendly journey with underlying sophisticated software to help you take a complete control on your blockchain assets.