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We hold 200+ years of combined experience at the highest levels in the world’s leading BFSI companies. Our team has held top positions at world’s largest stock, commodity, blockchain assets exchanges, from consulting to on-time delivery of hardware systems, we are making perfection a new normal. Advisory, software & HW services to prevent any possible attacks on the environment.

Features Address Agile Security Needs

  • Deterministic Defensive precautionary measures
  • Easy integration with third party ecosystem
  • Application, Network and Mobile App Pen Testing
  • Customized Honeypots implementation
  • Smart contract penetration testing
  • Security policy conformation audit
  • Off-chain technology attack prevention
  • Private network access control
  • Risk assessments of third-party vendors
  • Cybersecurity risk assessments of third-party vendors

Suite of Security Solutions

  • Cross-channel security solutions
  • Biometric based identity solutions
  • AI&ML enabled KYC solutions
  • Multi-factor authentication solutions
  • Network security solutions
  • Vulnerability management solutions
  • Backup and contingency solutions
  • Blockchain security solutions

Why choose MoonX Security Service?

  • Customized security solutions package
  • Administration credential encryption and control
  • Dedicated cybersecurity team
  • Twice-weekly security health reporting
  • Periodic server patching for servers
  • Continuous assessment of client’s security state
  • Hardware isolation
  • Anti-spoofing, Anti-Hacking assurance
  • 360 deg Hardening of Hardware

MoonX Security Services are designed to protect you from evolving threats and attack possibilities that can cause massive financial and reputational loss.