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MoonX Risk Management System
Brains Behind Minimising Your Financial Risk
Features to reduce risks for both retail and institutions

Next Generation Risk Management System

An amalgamation of RMS used by world’s topmost hedge funds, investment banks, brokers, and stock exchanges.

Order Management

Order Management

Access, analyse funds balance and instruct order manager to accept-reject and/or partly execute orders 

Positions Management

Positions Management

System auto-identifies current positions, prevailing market conditions etc., & auto-updates position risk engine for required adjustments

Customer Risk Profiling

Customer Risk Profiling

System auto-runs predictive and behavioural analysis to assigns trust score for each individual customer

Portfolio Risk Management

Portfolio Risk Management

Analyse the potential for margin trading by reviewing entire portfolio/ assets. RMS auto-adjusts each instrument type

MoonX Risk Management System

Fusion of features for both Retail customers’ and Institutional clients’ risks

  • Solutions for Multi-Asset and instruments Products
  • Rule-based Client Risk Preferences
  • Real-time margin monitoring
  • Template-based Quantity & Value Limit
  • Timer-based and Risk-based Auto Square off
  • Margin benefit to members for mitigating the risk based on inter-commodity or multi-tier positions
  • Mark-to-Market (MTM) based Alerts and Margin based Alerts
  • Margin computation based on thumb rule, VaR and internal SPAN
  • Ability to perform “What if” analysis by changing possible factors determining the risk
  • Integration with multiple systems for real-time dissemination of risk details
Protecting You & Your Traders At All Times

MoonX RMS Advanced Benefits

Bringing together user-friendly interface and financial grade risk management system designed for digital exchanges, custodial services, wallets alike.

Control on Process Management



  • Code versioning
  • Component specific testing
  • End-end regression testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Model risk controls
  • Regulatory compliance

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Operational Checks



  • Order based controls- Stale, Duplicate, Looped
  • Customized for business checks
  • Fat-finder checks
  • Connectivity and latency monitors 

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Incident Management



  • Volume variance checks
  • Post recovery documentation
  • Capital checks
  • Kill switch
  • Break glass procedures
  • Margin reporting

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Limit Monitors



  • Notional checks
  • Average daily volume checks
  • Capital checks
  • Order quantity check
  • Price limit checks

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MoonX Risk Management System

RMS carries the DNA of Global Best Practices

Designed to automatically enforce pre-trade risk limits that are appropriate for organizations capital base, clearing arrangement, trading style, experience and risk tolerance. Indicators enhanced with intelligence – Price collars, volatility awareness Fat-finger quantity limits, Repeated automation execution throttle, outbound message rate, market data reasonability, kill button, market maker protections

Empowered to handle trading interruptions: Monitoring heartbeats among system components that auto identifies when connectivity to designated system gets lost, reliable emergency notification procedures, easily accessible back-up execution facilities. 

Maintains timely and accurate trade and account information. Facilitation includes Post-trade limits, order fill validity and verification, near real-time reconciliation.


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“MoonX Risk Management System” is an amalgamation of RMS used by world’s topmost hedge funds, investment banks, brokers, and stock exchanges.

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