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Our AI&ML based risk management system monitors 80 risk checks from FAT Finger, P&L, Position Limits, Balances and Margins, Greeks and Exposure. Our system is among the top 3 that processes the Risk essentials checks under 50 microseconds. 

Our RMS can be customized to meet the diverse needs of our various clients: buy-side, sell-side, hft, hedge funds, retail banks and brokers.

Why choose MoonX RMS for your risk control considerations?

  • Code versioning
  • Component specific testing
  • End-end regression testing
  • Stress Testing
  • Model risk controls
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Order based controls- Stale, Duplicate, Looped
  •  Customized for business checks
  •  Fat-finder checks
  • Connectivity and latency monitors
  • Notional checks
  • Average daily volume checks
  • Capital checks
  • Order quantity check
  • Price limit checks
  • Volume variance checks
  • Post recovery documentationCapital checks
  • Kill switch
  • Break glass procedures
  • Margin reporting

Difference We Make

Regulation Friendly – ESMA MiFID II, EU MAR, Basel |||

Risk Aggregation Hierarchies with easy customisation for companies 

VaR, Risk & AI Models to Minimize Risks

Remediation Workflows

Full Asset Class and Markets Coverage

Real-Time Risk Metrics & Exposure Projections

RMS with global best practices inserted into its DNA

PRE-TRADE STATE RISK MANAGEMENT - designed to automatically enforce pre-trade risk limits that are appropriate for organizations capital base, clearing arrangement, trading style, experience and risk tolerance. Indicators enhanced with intelligence – Price collars, volatility awareness Fat-finger quantity limits, Repeated automation execution throttle, outbound message rate, market data reasonability, kill button, market maker protections

TRADING-STATE RISK MANAGEMENT – empowered to handle trading interruptions: Monitoring heartbeats among system components that auto identifies when connectivity to designated system gets lost, reliable emergency notification procedures, easily accessible back-up execution facilities. 

POST-EXECUTION AND BACK-OFFICE – maintains timely and accurate trade and account information. Facilitation includes Post-trade limits, order fill validity and verification, near real-time reconciliation.

Let us enable you to execute and reconstruct trades at scale for any asset class as a function of our superior MoonX Risk Management System.