On a mission To promote EOS globally, boost the adoption of EOS public chain for DAPPs among developer community and build border consensus among all EOS ecosystem supporters.

Community Building

MoonX would put EOS as one major base trading pair and also promote necessary liquidity for EOS trading globally. MoonX would strongly promote the trading volume of EOS related coins. MoonX would integrate EOS with Moon Money trading and also initiate special promotional campaigns for EOS traders. Every monthly or quarterly, MoonX would hold EOS based trading events to get more people to hold and trade EOS.

DAPP Promotion

EOS-MoonX would utilize its strong roots in startup field and work with top VC funds and institutional investors to promote EOS-based DAPP startups into mainstream enterprenuers and capitalists. MoonX would work with media partners across the globe to promote EOS press releases and broadcast exceptional projects based on EOS to raise people’s awareness about EOS Ecosystem. We would utilize our expertise on supernode running and EOS public chain technology to advise potential teams to integrate with EOS public chain.

Academic Research Support

MoonX has a strong link with academic institutions and top universities to sponsor EOS research and blockchain adoption related academic projects. MoonX would bring EOS and blockchain into universities and promote young potential developers to better prepare for EOS ecosystem building.