Moon Money Chain (MM) Token

Moon Money Chain (MM) is the token for the future of trading. MM will be issued by the distributor as ERC-20 standards compliant digital token on the Ethereum blockchain. In the near future, we would develop MM mainnet chain.

MoonChain’s mission is to connect the world through its most innovative, fast and secure technology that is designed to cater the modern financial market. The DLT is embedded with cross-asset engine which is powered by proprietary MoonX implication engine. The Implication Engine of MoonX is the first-of-its-kind system which allows users to convert their base trading currency into any desired format. For instance, a user will be able to convert from THB to KRW without having to go through currency pairs. This improves liquidity and the trading volume but at the same time provides a chance for every currency to compete with the rest. By abutting spread, the implied order functionality of MoonX increases liquidity even in illiquid markets. Also, traditional models in currency transfer come with higher remittance fees to cover the expenses related to payment processing. MoonX, with its top-notch algorithm relieves users of the hefty fees levied by banks to send currencies across borders.

MM will provide a convenient and secure mode of payment and settlement between participants who intersect with the MoonX ecosystem. MM does not in any way represent any shareholding participation, right, title or interest in the foundation.

  • Utility – Reduced Trade Fee: MoonX will offer MM holders with the advantage to have reduced trading fee if the user pays in the platforms native digital asset.
  • Utility – Partner websites: MoonX has partnered with renowned businessin the blockchain world such as gaming businesses. Soon these platforms will start to accept MM for in app purchases or swapped for in-app merchandises.
  • Universal Pair: MM will be paired with major digital assets such as BTC and ETH to enable global traders to benefit from seamless convenient settlement for cross border trading.
  • More utilities which we would add in the future based on the willingness of Moon Family community members.

Moon Money Chain Token Plan

30% To be “Mined”

Coins would be rewarded to the members of the Moon Family. The essence of this part is to reward the people who contribute by trading and interacting in the MoonX ecosystem.

17% Sponsors and Investors

Coins are held by early sponsors and strategic investors. MoonX sets very selective standards on early sponsors and investors. They have 1-year lockup period and 25% release on a quarterly basis.

20% Family Executives

Family Executives are the Executive Team who are the early Founders and serve the team. They have 2-year lockup period and 12.5% release on quarterly basis.

10% Marketing and Operations

Coins are prepared for expenses in the form of marketing and operations of the MoonX Ecosystem.
13% Ecosystem Fund
13% Ecosystem Fund will contribute towards the long-term growth of MoonX ecosystem

10% Moon Currency Fund

Moon Currency Fund acts as a central bank whose major role is to stabilize the price growth of Moon Money and sets currency regulations to make Moon Money sustainable in the long run. Moon Family would select several nodes and super nodes on different layers, we create a mechanism for any normal user to become a super node based on the performance and contribution to the ecosystem and all coin holders can vote on their opinions via smart contract.