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MoonX – Exchange Technology Designed for Trading Excellence

MoonX – Spot Market

The cerebrum of induction computing to achieve 99% deterministic prices with tighter spread instantly. The engine juggles between fiat and currency to nth order.

MoonX - Colocation Facility

High frequency Institutional traders can now place orders faster than ever, orders are matched under 6 nano seconds with a capability of handling 20 - 30 million transactions per second (TPS)

MoonX -  Liquidity Booster

Home to both fiat currencies and blockchain assets, we offer liquidity even in illiquid markets thereby reducing high commission payouts for every trade

MoonX Trading App 
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Value Proposition

  • Orders matched in < 0.006 micro seconds
  • 20 - 30 million orders executed per second
  • Ultra-low latency colocation service
  • Spreads from 0 pips
  • Advanced API facilitation

Why Trade with MoonX Pro?

  • Built by Stock Market Experts
  • Deterministic prices & Deep liquidity
  • Automation of trading strategies using our REST and FIX APIs
  • Full market depth and execution
  • Flexible Stop/Limit levels
  • 24/7 multilingual support

Handcrafted Solution

  • Compliance Readiness – Exchange is designed to adhere to the regulatory compliance mandates of the country of operation 

  • Robust Trading Platform – Built with financial institutions grade standards for jitter-free trading experience

  • 24/7 Customer Support – Commissioned with multi-lingual support via email, chat and phone 
  • Fee & Commissions – Maker & Takers Fee ranges from 0.08% - 0.1% 
  • Currency Pairs – Multiple currency/instruments/blockchain asset pairs that creates more possibilities for trade 
  • Margin Calls and Leverage Policies – Flexible yet qualitative margin and leverage policies for better trading experience
  • Mobile Trading – Stay connected with the exchange via desktop app, android or IOS app
  • Colocation Services – Designed for institutional traders for high speed, high volume trades

Cost Effective Fee Structure

We have employed the maker/taker fee model to support high frequency trading in the blockchain assets space. MoonX technology excellence is fully equipped to handle high frequency trading, in combination with our Fee Structure, algo-traders and Financial institutions can experience the trading kind they like even in blockchain assets world.

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MoonX – C2C Platform

MoonX C2C is a major player in the blockchain assets OTC market. The platform allows anybody from anywhere to signup exchange fiat of their choice with various blockchain assets. MoonX C2C platform is a financial institutional-grade platform that aims to increase operational efficiency, scalability and profitability

White Labelled Institutional Grade C2C platform

  • Large order capabilities
  • User friendly interface to "Request for Quote"
  • Seamless matching of buyers and sellers
  • Reliable price references
  • Large liquidity pool
  • World's lowest latency technology
  • 24/7 customer support

MoonX - BTC Auctions

MoonX BTC Auctions Market focuses on truthful and competitive nature of purchasing BTC. By utilising electronic auctions in blockchain assets market, MoonX is unleashing opportunities to distribute trade opportunities across territories at ease.

BTC Auction Market Features

  • Online auctions
  • Anonymity to protect identity of participants
  • Capabilities of placing multiple bids
  • Easy request for quote
  • Quick steps to Buy and Sell
  • Real-time order status updates
  • Promising supply
  • 24/7 customer support


MoonX offers its signature Hybrid Exchange experience – allowing traders to choose between its centralized exchange and decentralized exchange.

We believe the experience to trade instrument/blockchain assets should be empowered with wide range of options. MoonChain is MoonX’s Blockchain Technology acting as a backbone for MoonX’s Decentralized exchange.

World's First Hybrid Exchange
Unleashing a New Level of Customer Experience

  • User Friendly 
    • Jitter-free user-centric trading platform
    • Unmatched scalability to meet high frequency trades 
  • Fees
    • Lowest trading fee possible due to high productivity
    • Attractive rewards for users of the chain
  • Cross-Border, Cross-Asset Trading
    • Immense opportunities to trade multiple blockchain assets across the globe
  • Hybrid Design
    • Designed with excellence using both centralized and decentralized blockchain systems
    • Moonchain is highly sustainable
  • Customer Support
    • Multi-lingual, Multi-channel support 
  • 24*7 Trading
    • MoonChain is not bound by location or time zones
    • Trading is open 24*7*365

MoonX - Blockchain Assets Derivative Products

MoonX Derivative products are built to fulfil the expectations of institutional traders looking at exploiting opportunities in the blockchain assets space. 

MoonX derivates products offers first-mover advantage along with  unmatched speed and a far superior scalability, security and smart features

An Onramp for Institutions Seeking Solutions for a Manageable Risk Appetite:

  • Blockchain Assets Futures - Seamless way to hedge and harness the performance of a blockchain assets
  • Blockchain Assets Options - Handcrafted for institutional traders, the smart tool manages bitcoin futures exposure
  • Blockchain Assets CFDs - Trade blockchain assets CFD in just few clicks 
  • Blockchain Assets Forwards - Traditional application with wide exposure to blockchain assets market
  • Blockchain Assets Swaps - MoonX swap execution facility allows easy execution of swaps

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