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We have built systems to provide military grade protection to blockchain assets. We are assisting global organizations on how to better safeguard blockchain assets. Be it Hedge funds looking to advance their security layer, endowment funds with gifted blockchain assets, NGOs with blockchain asset donations, institutional clients looking to diversify portfolio while safeguarding assets at all times, we have built MoonX Custodial Service that secures and protects with highest levels of surveillance systems with multiple layers of protection!

Why should you choose MoonX Custodial Services ?

Flexible Operating Model

Blockchain Assets vary from each other based on the underlying features and characteristic of blockchain, Dapp and smart contracts. MoonX Custodial service understands the nature of each asset type and has streamlined non-DvP environment for settlement and storage.

Auditability and Insurance

MoonX custody is an independent capitalized business that is licensed. MoonX Custodial Service is regularly audited by major financial and security audit firms.


Sophisticated key-pair management and advanced layers of encryption to support communication between cold wallet and intermediary wallet systems. Advanced cybersecurity protocols when interfacing with public blockchain.

Segregated Storage of Assets

MoonX Custodial Service segregates client assets into separate accounts or into accounts under the name of investor. And, keeps the investor known of the manner in which assets are being held.

Strict Risk and Compliance Framework

AI and ML enabled KYC protocols and 2A GA authentication controls the appropriateness of the counterparties and assets they are interfacing with.

Hardened Cybersecurity Controls

MoonX cybersecurity controls are pervasive in nature. Hardened with anti-spoofing, anti-hacking, anti-spamming protocols that protects from bad actors from evading cold and hot wallets, and external communications.

Integration of Cold and Hot Wallets

High performance hardware and software to ensure near to instant transactions, with multi-signature and 2A authentication protocols.

Quick Access to Funds

MoonX Custodial Services enables fastest access to funds to execute high frequency trading (HFT) requirements. Enabling trading while still completing the full verification and withdrawal process through offline mechanisms.

Legal and Regulatory Framework

Vigilant watch on global financial regulatory mandates and adapting as it comes, makes MoonX custody stand apart. We are a licensed digital assets service provider.


Key-Pair Safekeeping

Secure deposit and withdrawal of blockchain assets

Real-time transaction
and settlement reporting

API’s for integration with
Exchanges and Banks

Stacking of the Blockchain Assets

Military Grade Security

Easy Access to Holdings

MoonX Custodial Services hold, move and protect your blockchain assets 24x7