MoonX, the world’s fastest and safest digital assets exchange platform, built by world-class stock exchange and blockchain veterans, is the only exchange that lets traders to trade for a deterministic price. MoonX is the future of trading digital assets in a truly decentralized ecosystem co-owned by the entire MoonX Family. While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, MoonX offers a highly secure, useful and easy-to-use product based on private blockchain.

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MoonX invited its community members to promote the message of decentralization on various social media channels, by offering bounty programs.


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The asset management sector is growing strongly. Capitals entrusted to a financial advisor grow at a rate of 10% per year in Italy and 6% per year in Europe. The current interest rate scenario helps to fuel this growth because it is no longer possible to obtain a return by buying government bonds. Today, interest rates guaranteed by government bonds are close to zero and sometimes they are negative. This is the reason why the help of financial advisors or wealth managers who can guide the customer is increasingly needed. One example is the robo-advisor, an online platform that manages customer’s funds, but there are many difficulties related to this innovative mechanism like for example an high cost of user acquisition and the lack of trust for internet platforms.

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Token description

MoonX token description


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  • 08 MAR 201808 MAR 2018
  • Token:PHI
  • TokenPrice:1,61803399$
  • TokenPlatform:Ethereum
  • Accepting:PHI
  • Country:Malta


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