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MoonX is the creator of the first blockchain with AI and IOT layers that processes "Millions of Transactions Per Second". The financial institution-grade blockchain technology is spun for the future-proof up-gradation of technology-based services for Banks, Exchanges, Fintech companies and Governments. 

MoonX is creating frictionless value exchange at a lightning speed in the most connected, transparent, efficient and effective manner while reducing operational costs and risks at all level of the value-chain.


Technology Development

Public Chain Development


Public chain built with enterprise-level blockchain establishes a new architecture that provides blockchain ecological development services that enhances security & efficiency across all public centric transaction flows.
It is a completely open data management and operation system based on the consensus of valid yet unspecified participants. In short, anyone in the world can enter the system at any time to read data, send confirmable transactions, and query for accounting.

Blockchain underlying main chain architecture
  • Data layer -  Data blocks, hash functions, asymmetric encryption, etc.
  • Network layer  - Propagation mechanism, verification mechanism, etc.
  • Consensus layer  - DPOS, PBFT
  • Incentive layer  - node ticket reward, user voting reward
  • Contract layer -  Smart contract
  • Application layer - DAPP
Moon Chain Features

High Scalable

Adopt the latest protocol based on off-chain and side-chain expansion solutions, aiming to increase blockchain performance by 500 times. Provides highly scalable enterprise DAPP (distributed intelligent application) development platform. Based on the median adaptive block size of the first N block sizes, resulting in an increased throughput by more than 90%
High Security

  • POW + PoS & voting-based consensus mechanism
  • Layer 2 protocols can introduce new features without affecting the operability and integrity of the main network.
  • Zero-knowledge proof protocol, confidential transactions and MAST to achieve privacy protection 

High Capacity

  • Low-latency digital micropayments i.e. 20,000,000 Transactions Per Second (TPS)
  • Smart contract engine with permissions control, templates, code as law, and oracles
  • Reduce transaction data by up to 20%
  • Sidechain tree architecture enables up to 65 TPS 
On-chain Applications, Software Development
  • Establishing the private chain of the enterprise  

  • Supply chain finance Distributed storage, open and transparent data transactions

  • DAPP Custom Development Blockchain based Trusted Computing Platform Technology

  • Social management voting, identity authentication, credit, social security, etc.

Blockchain Wallet Development
  • HD Wallet

Private key self-holding, mnemonic backup strategy, offline storage, multiple encryptions, guaranteeing asset security, supporting free switching of multiple local wallets

  • Cloud Wallet

Go online in seconds, save time and play more; withdraw cash in the cloud, set miner fees at will.

  • EOS wallet

Support mainstream digital assets such as BTC, ETH, EOS, USDT.


Financial Solution

Financial Credit

Blockchain trust mechanism enhances financial credit value. 

Designed with blockchain system solution model, data resource capabilities are realized by interconnecting with the store chain, production chain, logistics chain, and supply chain etc. making capital flows, information flows and logistics more secure.

Business Collaboration

Blockchain business collaboration platform improves business operation efficiency

With blockchain, build the intellectual energy business collaboration platform, standardized business system, the chain coordination mechanism to achieve inter-enterprise business information interoperability, therefore enhancing the efficiency of co-operation to ensure data security.

Data Confirmation

Blockchain technology makes data tampering impossible.

Based on the technical characteristics of the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, data trusted storage, multi-level encryption of data, and multidimensional permission control, etc. , it solves the problems of easy forgery, easy tampering, difficult to trace the source, and difficult to verify, improving the credibility of data, and adapting to various types Application scenarios to establish a trusted alliance system.

Quality traceability

Blockchain is open and transparent and cannot be tampered with, establishing a traceability system on the chain

The combination of blockchain and Internet of Things, big data and other technologies, based on the characteristics of data that cannot be tampered with, allows the mutual production and sharing of commodity production information, the visualization of industrial chain data, the promotion of industrial upgrading, and the transmission of information to enterprises, consumers, distributors, and governments. Resulting in comprehensive improvement to the product quality and management efficiency in the supply chain.

Industry-Centric Solutions

Supply Chain Finance

Supply chain information flow and capital flow management throughout the life cycle to improve business efficiency and reduce business risk.

Commodity Traceability

Based on the characteristics of the blockchain that cannot be tampered with, trace the entire life cycle of the product on the chain for greater quality control at all levels.

Logistics and traceability

All logistics participants can upload information on the chain. The information is tamper-proof, encrypted transmission to ensure the security of logistics data.

Digital Rights

The creation process of the original works is registered on the chain, and the whole process of pricing, copyright, transaction and circulation can be traced.

Public Benefits Transparency

Project by the donation, the donor and recipient information can be added on the chain, with greater visibility on the information details

Medical Information

Advancing the medical record keeping and key medical information feed and reporting, the blockchain permits the medical information to be authorized by patients and doctors-in-charge, ensuring the highest level of privacy checks on the sensitive data. 

Real-Estate Transactions

Real-estate information pieces are chained, and each transaction is visible bringing greater transparency to real-estate records transactions, therefore, reducing the costs of disputes and seamless growth in the real estate transactions as the trust prevails

Enterprise Points

Designed based on features of the blockchain consensus mechanism enables cross platform transactions, enabling greater point data protection as well as transparency in the enterprise business transactions

Big Data

In order to solve the common problem of data islands and data confirmation, blockchain technology. advancements can be used for big data sharing across platforms 

Data Storage

Data storage and information shared on the blockchain ensures that data cannot be tampered, making the data storage on the blockchain more secure, transparent and easy to supervise.

Blockchain & insurance

Blockchain insurance makes the insurance products truly traceable and smart contracts quickly settle claims, leaving no worries for guarantees.


Blockchain link all walks of life become endless possibilities for you to customize dedicated to your blockchain applications.

Commercial Value

Break information silos and increase synergy value

Utilizing blockchain technology, the information flow, logistics, capital flow, and business flow of the business society are transferred to the blockchain platform for free circulation, breaking the information island, all data can be checked, traced, and shared

Multi Participation Confirmation Reshapes Business Trust

Utilize the characteristics of openness, transparency, confirmation, and multi-signature of the blockchain to allow multiple parties to participate in on-chain confirmation to prevent evil, thereby enhancing corporate credibility and reshaping business value.

Reducing operates line costs, raise high the competitiveness of enterprises

Use blockchain technology to make data valuable, reduce enterprise operating costs, and improve enterprise core competitiveness

Distributed book-keeping to strengthen corporate risk management and control capabilities

Blockchain distributed accounting, smart contract technology and other technologies make information more secure and efficient, automatically respond to foreseeable risks, and strengthen risk management capabilities of enterprises