Backed by an amazing team!
Our Mission is to offer an incredible trading experience accessible for everyone.

MoonX is finding solutions to problems associated with end-end trading, phase by phase, MoonX recognizes the following and uproots these:

a. The need for a central body requiring clearing transactions in a real-time basis.
b. Unnecessary margin or collateral requirements
c. Inefficient post-trade processing
d. Manual approvals and contracts
e. Mutability of sensitivity data and lack of transparency


In addition to the above sophistication our product brings, our security standards protocol adds a compliance layer upon existing public blockchain technology, thus enabling the exchange of tokens only when compliance requirements are met. In other words, the security token protocol used by the MoonX platform embeds compliance requirements in the tradable tokens, making them available only to verified users. The surface layer allows the permanent address for the token to be maintained on the blockchain.


We are a team of unshakable confidence and team culture. Built by leaders from wall street and stock exchange industry, and best talents from management field. MoonX Team combines a passion for industry expertise and proven record in finance, development, marketing and licensing. We are committed to our vision to venture into a new set of opportunities in the financial capital market while fulfilling our commitment to society.


MoonX is built by renowned Noble Laureates, WSJ Veterans, Crypto-evangelists, Investment Bankers and advisors for Hedge funds. Our leadership team has lead world’s top institutions such as Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd, Credit Suisse, Bear Stearns, JP Morgan Chase, MIT Blockchain lab, NASDAQ, Thomson Financial, and HSBC.

Some of our recent partnerships

Strategic alliance to abridge traditional financial world and crypto world, thereby achieving a global crypto adaption.

MoonX Co-Hosts Blockchain Hackathon in association with DoraHacks in India, China and other Asian countries.

MoonX takes an integrated and holistic approach to develop EOS community globally along with other BPs

MoonX takes an integrated and holistic approach to develop EOS community globally along with other BPs

Strategic partnership to support outstanding research projects in the field of blockchain