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Headquartered in Switzerland, MoonX built 'World's Fastest Exchange Technology' and just within a year tagged as the 'Best Potential Unicorn in Fintech Space 2019' by Tracxn. Our strength in financial craftsmanship and proficiency in blockchain technology helped us realise tomorrow's innovations, today. We are delivering novelty tech-front solutions for payments, trading, settlements, banking and clearinghouses. MoonX mission is to offer Speed, Scalability, Security & Smart System across the globe while investing in R&D in areas that can advance with our tech e.g. Medical, Agriculture, Real Estate etc. Today, we have embarked on our journey to redefine the traditional global trading and payments industry by offering our services in almost 80+ countries including Germany, Austria, UK, Switzerland, China etc.

Come, Let's explore the future of fintech with MoonX and create value for you, your clients and the world around us!

Our Suite of Products and Services for Financial Institutions



20 million transactions in 1 second is now a Reality!

What you see is what you get! We deliver 20 million transaction packages under 1 second. The price for all your pairs/ instruments are matched well within 6 nanoseconds. So fast, that by the time light travels just 1.8 metres distance, your order is processed. Our nearest competitor is 150 times slower than us. That means, traders can place a minimum of 150 times more orders in the same time frame.


Military-grade protection for your blockchain assets

We offer custodial services for all major blockchain assets. Your blockchain assets are stored under a strong layer of protection and equipped with our patented technology, we can deliver your blockchain assets at an unmatched speed.


Smartly engineered for businesses to go live faster

Crafted for Stock & Commodity Exchanges, Blockchain Assets Exchanges, Forex Traders, Banks, OTC’s & Brokers. MoonX brings technologically advanced features packed in one very powerful wallet. It’s the wallet solution that gives you the power to do more.


Driving security services to perfection

We hold 200+ years of combined experience at the highest levels in the world’s leading BFSI companies. Our team has held top positions at the world’s largest stock /commodity/blockchain asset exchanges, From consulting to on-time delivery of hardware systems, we are making perfection a new normal.


Brains behind minimising your financial risk

Mitigate your risk for Futures, Leverage and Options with our powerful AI-based financial risk automation tool-kit. Our quest is to minimise your financial risk and keep your business protected and pro-active against financial risks.


We Connect, You Win

We offer setting up of best-in-class end-to-end process and the application of both manual processes & AI-based automated advance algorithms for smart surveillance




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We see ourselves as disruptors in the exchange technology ecosystem and our mission is to redefine standards of Speed, Scalability, Security and Smart surveillance in the digital trading world.